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Agent Price List

(harga di bawah tidak termasuk pos)

RM15- Crystal.i 14.5mm
RM15- Dreamy.i 14.5mm
RM15- Pop.C Light 15.5mm
RM15- Pop.C Dark 15.5mm
RM15- MX21 14.5mm
RM15- Kira-Kira 16.0mm
RM15- Celeb Nudy 14.5mm
RM15- Ariale 14.5mm
RM15- BarbieDoll400 14.5mm
RM15- Bodone 14.5mm
RM15- Candarae 14.5mm
RM15- Georgiae 14.5mm
RM15- Lathae 14.5mm
RM15- Lucidae 14.5mm
RM15- Natural 3Tones 14.5mm
RM15- Puffy 3tones 14.5mm
RM15- Sugar Candy 14.5mm

RM18- Fairylens 14.8mm
RM18- Blytheye 14.5mm
RM18- Ace Black 14.5mm
RM18- Princess Nudy 14.7mm
RM18- DizonEye 14.5mm
RM18- Bling13 14.8mm
RM18- Crayon217 14.8mm
RM18- BT15 14.8mm
RM18- Rosy Rosa 14.8mm
RM18- HyperBlack 14.2mm
RM18- Circle Black 14.2mm
RM18- Circle Brown 14.2mm

RM28- Segoi-Pearl Prime 14.5mm
RM28- Dahomy-Pearl Prime 14.5mm
RM28- Furfur-Pearl Prime 14.5mm
RM28- Gothic 14.5mm
RM28- Flower (Pink) 14.5mm
RM28- Bubble 14.8mm
RM28- DollyEye 14.2mm
RM28- Bat 15.0mm
RM28- Jewel 15.0mm
RM28- V1-25 15.0mm
RM28- S-9 15.0mm
RM28- Hana 15.0mm
RM28- Starry Eye 14.8mm
RM28- Icy Melon 14.8mm
RM28- Cookie 14.8mm

RM19- Béuberry Natural 16.0mm
RM19- Béuberry Velvet 16.0mm
RM19- Béuberry Momo Black 16.0mm
RM19- Béuberry Platinum Brown 16.0mm
RM19- Béuberry Ice 16.0mm
RM19- Béuberry Sexy Lace 16.0mm
RM19- Béuberry Kisses 16.0mm
RM19- Béuberry Summer 16.0mm
RM19- Béuberry Kitten Eyes 16.0mm
RM19- Béuberry Eva 16.0mm
RM19- Béuberry Diva 16.0mm

RM23- Béuberry Lurve 3tones 16.0mm
RM23- Béuberry Super Doll Black 16.0mm
RM23- Béuberry B.B 16.0mm
RM23- Béuberry Poppy 16.0mm
RM23- Béuberry Peppy 16.0mm

RM18- Kimchi Maki (0-850) 16.0mm
RM18- Kimchi Viva (0-850) 16.0mm
RM18- Kimchi Milky Series (0-850) 16.0mm
RM18- Kimchi Bambi (0-850) 16.0mm
RM18- Kimchi Flora (0-850) 16.0mm
RM18- Kimchi Mio (0-850) 16.0mm
RM18- Kimchi Kumo (0-850) 16.0mm
RM18- Kimchi Kiss (0-850) 16.0mm
RM18- Kimchi Misty (0-850) 16.0mm
RM18- Kimchi Prince (0-850) 16.0mm
RM18- Kimchi Choco (0-850) 16.0mm
RM18- Kimchi Mermaid (0-850) 16.0mm

RM18- Rose (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Kirei (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Ash (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Nova (0-600) 16.2mm
RM18- Eclipse (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Hera (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Pearl Black (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Ruby (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Jewel (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Super Crystal (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Hanabi (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Snow (0-600) 16.2mm
RM18- Cherry Gold (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Super Nudy Pink (0-600) 16.2mm
RM18- Sakura Pink (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Star (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Haru (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Hana (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Binky (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Sirius (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Gummi (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Aki (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Trinity (0-850) 16.2mm
RM18- Moe Moe (0-850) 16.0mm
RM18- Keizen (0-600) 16.0mm
RM18- Dolly+ (0-850) 16.0mm

RM23- Casper (0-850) 16.2mm
RM23- Almond (0-850) 16.2mm
RM23- Cara (0-850) 16.2mm
RM23- Yuri (0-850) 16.2mm
RM23- Avior (0-850) 16.2mm
RM23- Bubble (0-850) 16.2mm
RM23- Tofi (0-850) 16.2mm
RM23- Lucius (0-850) 16.2mm
RM23- Luna (0-850) 16.2mm
RM23- Ryusei (0-850) 16.2mm
RM23- Venus (0-850) 16.2mm
RM23- Lumos (0-850) 16.2mm